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Sarah Chambers 30th Birthday - 1980's Costume Party, "The Paul K Band"

Summer Courtyard Market - July 17, 2010

Physical Grafffiti play the Courtyard Marquee, August 11th 2010

Summer Courtyard Market & Family Fun Day in aid of RNLI - August 14th, 2010

"The Playboy of The Western World"
Theatre in The Valley House, August 14, 2010

Physical Graffiti gig in the Courtyard - August 20, 2010


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Trixi & Karl's Trip to Achill
Photos of The Valley House, Achill Island and Westport courtesy of Trixi Zimmerman taken over the New Year's holiday 2007/2008

Rachel Moore & friends...
Joined us in The Valley House Bar for some craic and ceol in November 16th 17th, 2007. Thanks to Mary Noctor for the photos.

Andries and Lucas...
Also joined in the session in The Valley House Bar, November, 2007. Photos by Andries Van den Broek.

October Bank Holiday 2007- Fancy Dress in The Valley House...
A fun night in The Valley House Bar, October 27th, 2007

Nadja Part Two...
More beautiful photos of Achill Island and The Valley House

The 3 Crazy Paca's from Galway/Madrid
See their photos of the Valley House, Achill and the music session in the Bar.

Evelyn & Klaus Dieter's Achill Gallery
Some great photos of the Valley House bar and the people in it!

Evelyn & Klaus Dieter's Achill Gallery Part II
Scenes of Achill, Music Sessions, and Good Times.

June 2006 Gallery
Many thanks to Nadja for some great pictures from the June bank holiday, of the music sessions by the fire and craic in the courtyard bar - as well as some lovely shots of the beaches, flowers and fields in our local area.

Oooh la la! Armand Petiot's Summer 2006 Gallery -
Ahh the warm summer nights in The Valley House Bar, good friends, good Guinness and a good old sing-song with all those mad Frenchies :-)
Thanks Armand!

Christmas Concert - Paderborn 2004
Once again, accompanied by the Achill Mafia, Pat and Alice and Claire travelled to Paderborn to join the Achill Sound band onstage for their 2004 Christmas concert... see the pics here

Wolfgang Reidesser's Amazing Achill gallery
A really beautiful selection of Achill's wonderful sights - this selection of photos from Wolfgang and Kathryn are really superb and not to be missed.

The Erkelenz-DVD Football Match!

Erkelenz Group - October 2003
All gathered to say Goodbye to Pippa as she leaves The Valley House for Germany and the lovely Jochen!

Manfred's Achill gallery
Jens, Manfred, Valarie, Patrizia, Derek & friends
enjoying the days and nights in the Valley House...

Paderborn Group visit - 2003
Students from Paderborn have been coming to The Valley House for 27 years... here's the 2003 group!

Christmas Concert - 2002
We travelled over to Paderborn to join the Achill Sound band for their 2002 concert... see the pics here

Joe and Sarah Woods' Wedding
Lots of beautiful photos of Joe and Sarah's wedding reception at The Valley House, June 14, 2003

Des Williams Photo gallery - Summer 2002
Des and his pals enjoying the beautiful island of Achill and singing a few tunes at The Valley House Bar.

Agnes & John Randal MacDonnell gallery
Photos and portrait of Agnes (19th century landlady of the Valley House) and her barrister husband John Randal

"Love & Rage" Film gallery
See The Valley House transformed into a film set (1998)

The Erkelenz Gang
Our friends from Erkelenz - they throw lots of darts, drink lots of Guinness, play lots of pool, sing lots of songs...the perfect guests!

Steve's Valley House gallery
Steve, Danny, Colm, Erik et al enjoying the music and craic at the VH...

More Friends of The Valley House
Friedberger Gesellschaft gallery 1 - gallery 2
- Society for the promotion of German-Irish understanding. Andy Hallwig and friends
visited us at The Valley House in March 2002.

Christiane Zimmermann's gallery
Christane's photos from the early 90's!

Clare McLoughlin's 40th Birthday Party
Clare and friends celebrate her milestone birthday at The Valley House in November 2001...and a great weekend was had by all...

Udo and Friends...
Here's what the lads do when they are at The Valley House!

Joan Hatcher's gallery
Including some interior pictures of The Valley House

NUI Galway Music Society Murder Mystery Night 2000!
Murder, Mystery and Mayhem...all hell breaks loose at The Valley House!

2001 Murder Mystery - Cowboys and Hippies!
More murder and madness from some of our latest murder mystery events.

Halloween 2000 party photos
Photos of some very scary people - as well as others who actually wore a costume.

The Valley House
Miscellaneous photos of The Valley House

The Good Old Days
A few pictures from decades past...

Gisberts World
Gisbert Werner has been coming to the Valley House since he was knee-high to a grasshopper - here are some more recent photos of his Achill adventures.

Polish Friends
Some nice photos of our regular visitors from Poland...

Music sessions & more in The Valley House Bar

Various photos of the nice people who can often be found at The Valley House...are you here?

June Bank Holiday 2001
A fun time was had by all....thanks to Sinead Harris for the pics!

More Views of Achill Island