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In 1998, "Love & Rage", a film starring Daniel Craig and Greta Scacchi, was filmed on location at The Valley House and at several other locations on Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland.

The film bases its story on the true events in the lives of Agnes MacDonnell and James Lynchehaun. Agnes was an eccentric English landowner and mistress of The Valley House estate, while Lynchehaun was her erratic and tempestuous land agent.

The story of their relationship and the events that followed are detailed in the film. (Read about the History of The Valley House for more information). While the film emphasizes the possibility of a love-hate affair between the two, it also pays heed to the political and social forces of the day that may have moved Lynchehaun to commit his crimes. Starring Greta Scacchi, Daniel Craig and Stephen Dillane, "Love and Rage" opened the Dublin Film Festival in 1999.

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Valley House film set
Agnes' bedroom - "Love and Rage" film set
at The Valley House Achill

Stephen Dillane and Greta Scacchi
Stephen Dillane and Greta Scacchi (as the Doctor and Agnes) watch the local Fair Day Races.


Dangerous Liason!
Daniel Craig and Greta Scacchi
in a scene from "Love and Rage"